Oh the places you’ll go! …

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we had to enroll (spelt ‘enrol’ in Australia) our twin boys for kindergarten, and the following year, school. We sent them to the local school and kinder and when it came time to think about secondary school, we visited the nearby private school on Open Day, and that was that. I had attended a private school, whilst my husband had always been in the public system. Prior to our visit, he was thinking of sending our boys to the local high school, but once he had seen the facilities and learned of the programs the school had on offer, he changed his mind, saying if you could afford it -how could you not send them there? Happily both boys loved school and were high achievers, making our decision a worthwhile one. They went to China for five weeks in Year 9 and then the following year one went trekking in Mongolia and did community work in a local Mongolian school. Now they do their own enrolling and re enrolling and are about to commence their third year of university ( both are doing 5 year courses). I guess the next move will be out of home! 😩
“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!
Dr Seuss – Oh the places you’ll go!

Lis 🦉

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