Gift card rip off …

Today I decided to finally use my $50 gift card Christmas present and went to Kmart to purchase a new blender. I found the perfect one for $49 and then purchased some other items, making the total $78. I gave the cashier the gift card and then had to wait whilst she called over her manager as the register was saying you could not split the transaction, using gift card and cash or credit card. I was totally bewildered, as were the cashiers. The upshot is I had to use the gift card on the blender, meaning there was $1 left on the card. This could only be later used to purchase a $1 item. How ridiculous! I told her to keep the card, it was useless to me, so she threw it in the bin. Why do they not have a receptacle where you can place cards with money left on to be donated to charity, as JB Hi Fi do? At least then I would be happy knowing my dollar was going to a good cause. This way I feel KMart have robbed me of a dollar. So if you have a fifty dollar gift card and think you might put it toward a more expensive product – forget it! It’s only a dollar I know, but it is the principle of the matter; dollars add up, just not when they are left on a kmart gift card…
“It doesn’t matter how rich you are- you know when you are being ripped off.”
Petter Stordellan


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