Crazy drivers…

I find it quite staggering that it is possible to sit for your learner’s permit and driving test in 18 different languages in Victoria, ranging from Cantonese to Arabic. Whilst I do not discriminate against foreigners wishing to drive, I do believe you should sit the test in the native language, after all the road signs are all in English. If I went to live in Germany I would fully expect the test to be in German. Many people are terrible pedestrians, walking down a road, indifferent and oblivious to the traffic around them, and putting them behind the wheel of a car takes it to a whole new level. Certainly there are bad drivers of every nationality, but English comprehension should be a priority when learning to drive!
“I never suggested you were a bad driver. I’m sure that mailbox totally swerved into your lane.”

Lis 🦉

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