Flown the coop…

Christmas Day was a sad day in our house. Not only did my son get stuck in Dubai on his way home to us, but our lovebird flew away when , whilst enjoying time outdoors,her cage blew over in the wind. Much as I complained about cleaning up her mess on a daily basis- she used to spit her seed everywhere- I really miss her trill . She loved noise, and the louder it was, the louder she sang! It drove us mad whilst watching movies, but we miss it now. Another favourite noise of hers was the vaccuum, and even though I need to do it less now she is no longer with us, vacuuming without her musical accompaniment is just not the same. We like to think, given she was a bit aggressive, and she survived just fine when her partner went to heaven, that she will survive in her new found freedom. Our family thank her for 12 musical years.
“Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.”


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