Pick your battles…

When you are a parent, strategy becomes a part of life when dealing with all the challenges your kids present you with. Dealing with children can be difficult at times, regardless of their age. Whether children are experiencing what are commonly known as the terrible twos or the awful threes or going through the emotional throes of teenage years, most parents experience periods of uncertainty and difficulty during a child’s younger years. Sometimes as a parent you feel like you are treading in very deep water and any second you are going to be pulled under and drown. Learning a variety of strategies to deal with difficult, angry, belligerent or sad children is an integral part of parenting. The one bit of advice I will offer to parents with younger kids is to pick your battles and do what works for you. It’s better to let the smaller things slide and save your anger and arguments for the things that matter. And most importantly, always kiss and make up – life is too short to waste time being angry. Kids grow up way too fast and you need to enjoy them while you can. Parenting is as crazy as circumnavigating the world without a map – but oh what a journey!
“Do not fear child birth, that’s the easy part. There is no epidural for motherhood.”


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