As we grow up we tend to look back at our childhood through rose coloured glasses, nostalgic for a time when life was simpler and lacking responsibilities. There are many triggers which evoke fond memories of our past; certain smells, music, (especially theme songs) tastes, or toys, all of which send us tripping down memory lane. Last year at a market, Tracey came across small bottles filled with shells and instantly was transported back to the beach of our childhood. The two of us spent hours in our youth walking back and forth across the sand, looking for the elusive “pontoon” shells which we collected and kept in a jar. These flat shells were the perfect ‘money’ to gamble with whilst we played the various card games that Tracey’s Nanna taught us.
Tracey purchased two of these bottles and the one she gave me sits out on display, a constant reminder of carefree, sun filled days spent beach combing together.
“It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny to have a taste for collecting shells than to be born a millionaire.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

Lis 🦉

1 thought on “Beachcombers…

  1. A great past time when by the sea- I collect hag stones and find them fascinating. I hadn’t heard of ‘pontoon shells’ before. Yes evocative memories of childhood. 🙂

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