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Human beings are fragile creatures but sometimes they can be almost superhuman and survive against all odds. Twenty years ago, one man defied nature and was rescued after about one thousand tonnes of liquified earth and debris came down the slope of the mountain in a massive landslide. Tragically 18 people lost their lives at the popular ski resort, but miraculously three days after it occurred, and there was forlorn hope of finding any survivors, Stuart Diver, a ski instructor, was located and pulled from the wreckage eleven hours later. His first words as he breathed the pure mountain air were “That’s sky’s fantastic!”
He had lain trapped for 65 hours beside the body of his wife, who had drowned as a concrete beam had her pinned in a depression which filled with water overnight.
Stuart still lives at Thredbo, in a house above the disaster site, with his treasured daughter Alessia, whose mother, Stuart’s second wife, sadly died from breast cancer. It’s a testament to his character, that after so much tragedy in his life, he has an active role promoting the charity, The Salvation Army; lesser men would have become bitter and twisted. I take my hat off to him and congratulate him on the brilliant job he is doing raising his daughter on his own. We can all take a leaf from his book.
“He’s tough, yeah, very resilient. He’s got a very strong, strong willpower and strong mind. And he loves a joke.”
Stephen Diver (Dad)
“I always thought he was fantastic…. he’s now even more fantastic.”
Annette Diver (Mum)

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