Let’s talk…

“We need to have a conversation.” These words never bode well and strike dread in the listener’s heart, whether they be spouse, employee, child, teacher or indeed even a friend. Today most of us communicate from behind electronic screens and the art of face to face conversation is dying and whenever we hear the words “we need to talk”, we generally want to run for cover. Often these words are the prelude to the ending of a relationship or the breaking of bad news but it is possible to just talk to communicate.
I love to talk and will always strike up a conversation, whether it be with a stranger in the supermarket, a friend, or a patient where I work as a receptionist. Basically I love people and generally love hearing what they have to say. Often whilst on holidays I have struck up conversations and discovered jewels of information.
Communication is key to a happy family life and I have always been there to listen to my kids and share their lives.
So do yourself a favour; put aside your phone and go and have a real conversation with someone – you never know what you will learn!
“A conversation is a dialogue not a monologue. That’s why there are so few good conversations: due to scarcity, two intelligent talkers seldom meet.”
Truman Capote


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