Good luck foods…

So as 2017 finally drew to a close and I was getting ready to greet 2018, I was reading about certain foods you should eat on New Year’s Day for good luck. A little good luck never hurt anybody so I thought I’d share some which reputedly bring good health and wealth. Black-eyed peas are meant to bring good fortune, perhaps because they helped Southerners survive from starvation in the Civil War, however I’ve never eaten them here down under, and aren’t about to start now! Pork is considered to be a lucky meat; it comes from the food being fatty which represents prosperity, so eating it on New Years Day will supposedly bring you wealth in the coming year. In Italy people eat lentils on New Years Day, the tradition coming from people believing lentils look like Roman coins, and basically if a food looks like money, it’s probably going to bring you wealth if you eat it. Looks like I will be poor – wait no, I have some chocolate gold coins I can eat – wealth here I come – health, not so much!
Grapes are a fruity option; the challenge is to eat 12 grapes right when the clock strikes midnight, each grape signifying a month in the coming year. I drank a glass of wine or two, so I think I’ve got the grapes covered…
Finally, ring shaped foods like donuts represent the continuous year from beginning to end. Now I try to stay away from donuts, but if they are going to bring me good luck, serve them up!
Whatever food you consume on New Years Day, I hope you enjoy it and the coming year brings you good health, wealth and most importantly happiness….
“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called opportunity and it’s first chapter is New Years Day.”
Edith Pierce


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