Crisis averted…

Have you ever heard the words, “I’m sorry but we can’t seem to find your reservation” when you have gone to check in to your holiday accommodation? It causes your heart to sink, particularly when you have two tired three year olds in tow. Happily, in all our years of travelling and online booking, this has only occurred twice. The first was on a trip to Queensland where we had booked an apartment through stayz and when we arrived they had no knowledge of our booking and were fully booked. Not only were they fully booked, but there was no accommodation to be found anywhere in town due to some bike event that was on. It was ugly for a while but then fortunately the receptionist had friends who had apartments in the next town which had just been renovated and not put yet back up for booking. They were actually much more luxurious and we got them for the same price so in the end it was a win! The second occasion was at a B&B in England, when, again with boys in tow ( they were aged 7) we arrived at a lovely cottage, showed our paperwork and were greeted with horrified faces. They had taken the booking six months earlier and neglected to put in their diary, and so had given the room to another family. Fortunately they had rooms downstairs where their extended family stayed when visiting, so they gave us those with profuse apologies and a wonderful afternoon tea. Again a crisis was averted and we had a lovely stay. This is a pretty good track record given the number of times we have booked online in all our years of travel, and continue to do so. The only thing I tend to avoid is using a third party, choosing instead to contact the properties directly. My husband and I are about to plan our next European venture and have no reservations about making our reservations online!
“My favourite thing to make for dinner is reservations.”


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