It’s a gamble…

Many people have a proclivity to gamble, whether it be on poker machines, horse racing, tattslotto, in a casino or even on two flies climbing a wall. My son works at Crown Casino as a table games dealer, and the stories he comes home with are mind blowing; people who bet $100 a hand on blackjack without batting an eyelid, losing thousands of dollars in a night. I like to gamble occasionally, but I always have a set amount that I am prepared to lose. If I have a nights entertainment for my money I am happy but if it goes in five minutes I am not happy. I value my money too much to basically just throw it away. Of course, for some it is a perfect way to launder money; placing illegal proceeds of crime into gaming machines or purchasing casino chips and cashing them out shortly afterwards, claiming you just got really lucky…

“The proclivity of Asian people to gamble is pretty staggering. People borrow from loan sharks and gamble with it.”
Terry Lannister


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