How’s the pain?

It always amuses me when you are in hospital and they ask you how your pain level is. I mean my 8 could be somebody else’s 10 or 6, given we all have different pain thresholds. Still, I expect it gives them a gauge to work from, comparing the different answers given after medication. I have never given a score of 10 but this time I came close in the recovery room, giving a 9. Fortunately I was given drugs on a regular basis and so was never in excruciating pain for long. The nurse would administer painkillers and then return a short time later to ask if the pain had lessened, and to what degree. I am not in severe pain now I am home, but I do suffer from severe discomfort, unable to get comfortable in bed and having to sleep on my back. Still, every day sees progress, no matter how minimal, so I know in time this will become a distant nightmare. Reading and binge watching Netflix are great distractions, and I realise there are people out there who are far worse off than me. I will eventually recover whilst some of them will not.
In the meantime I have adopted the following mantra;
Hold on, pain ends…”


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