Going home…

Today I am going to relocate from my hospital bed to home, with the added bonus of two screws in my knee and a cumbersome locked brace which will be my faithful companion for the next six weeks, only coming off to shower! Going to the bathroom has turned into a major expedition which leaves me feeling like I’ve run a 20 k marathon! The nurses have been wonderful but I’m not going to miss the beeping noises, people watching tv all night and constant buzzers calling for the nurse. Home will be far more peaceful. Contrary to popular belief, the hospital food has been yummy, so my son waiting at home had better be up to scratch! I can’t complain- he makes great simple meals, and anything you don’t have to make yourself tastes so much better! I am in a fair bit of pain, but just keep reminding myself that this is pain with a gain.
“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.”
Alice Morse Earle

Lis 🦉

5 thoughts on “Going home…

  1. I just read this note. I had a total knee replacement so probably not the same you had. But you sound good, and I agree about the hospital and someone else cooking.🌸

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