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We have seen some fantastic architecture on our travels around the world, including a couple displaying beautiful examples of patina. Properly known as the Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church, the Berlin Cathedral Church is a featured historical architectural piece of the “Kaiserzeit” (German Empire). The current building was completed in 1905 and is a parish church of the congregation ,” Gemeinde der Oberpfarr – und Domkirche zu Berlin”. The copper roof has turned to a beautiful patina color due to natural oxidation. The other one that springs to mind is the Wales Millennium Centre.

A visit to Cardiff was always a must when we took,our then little boys, to Wales, as they were huge Doctor Who fans. The Wales Millennium Centre is a world famous arts centre that was completed in 2009, and serves as a major performance venue for opera, ballet, dance, comedy, and musicals. The centre was designed by Jonathan Adams who included multiple materials to create a truly unique look to the entire structure. The roof used a colored stainless steel for a copper roof appearance without discoloration or fading. The project also used copper, wood, and slate on various roofing levels. It is a quite unique building but unfortunately it paled in significance for our family when compared to the Doctor Who Museum!
“Life is one long decay, no? There’s lots of beauty in it. Like the patina in an old city.”
Urs Fischer


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