“Chop Chop” Day …

Today’s word perfectly sums up how I feel. I have been on tenterhooks for quite some time anticipating my knee realignment surgery and today is the day, or as I have been referring to it, “chop chop” day!
I will be in a hinged knee splint locked at 30 degrees for 2 weeks and then released to only 30-90 degrees for the following 4 weeks. Then physio rehab… a long rehab for me but it’s getting worse so must be done.
I love how some people tell you how much pain you will be in, akin to telling horrible birthing stories when you are pregnant. A little bit of positivity would be good! I know I will be in pain but I am in constant pain now, so the way I look at it, this will be pain with gain; if it means I can go back to doing the things I love without being in agony then bring it on!
“Tenterhooks are the upholstery of the anxious seat..”
Robert E Sherwood


1 thought on ““Chop Chop” Day …

  1. On the contrary, I suffered with pain a long time but had a quick recovery on the knee, even with the doc telling me exactly what they did during the operation. Rehab was fairly easy and short. I just wished I had them both done at the same time. Now my left suffers from not having it done back then. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll recover quickly.

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