Ho, Ho, Ho

Christmas is certainly the season in which sparkle plays a large role. I love the twinkling, magical lights on a Christmas tree, the colourful tinsel and the myriad of presents clustered under the branches. My son, who is at present in Heidelberg, Germany, has been sending me photos of the Christmas markets blanketed in snow. They look like your typical Christmas card scene, a far cry from our reality here down under. Instead of being huddled around the fire; drinking hot chocolate and watching the snowflakes softly drifting past the window, we are more likely to be found swimming in the pool, having a barbecue and drinking cold beer and wine!
Lessons from a Christmas Tree:
• Be a light in the darkness
• We all fall over sometimes
• You can never wear too much glitter
• Bring joy to others
• Sparkle and twinkle as often as possible
• It’s ok to be a little tilted.
Jane Lee Logan

Lis 🦉

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