Stop! My ears are bleeding…

It’s one thing to live next to noisy neighbors, and quite another to live next to an aspiring drummer! The only time kids should be allowed to have drums to practice on is in a soundproof garage. Whilst we have fortunately escaped that particular bullet, we were for a time staying with someone whose neighbour’s son practiced his drumming from morning until night, ( unfortunately it was school holiday time). The pounding tattoo beat was relentless and could certainly not be deemed musical in any way, shape or form. It was like walking around with a migraine all day and we were very glad to escape to our peaceful home!

“There are some very difficult loud passages and jumps, with both hands crossing over each other,…percussive, aggressive, harsh phrases that must be practiced dozens if not hundreds of times so the adrenaline- filled panic of a concert you can keep your cool and hit most of the right notes. I certainly wouldn’t want to live next door to anyone practicing that.”
Garrick Ohlsson


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