Bite me…

The word bite is in so many slang expressions of today. Phrases range from “ankle biters”, referring somewhat unkindly to tiny kids, to the far ruder “bite me”, a slighter more polite way of saying go to hell. This term is very much a “teenagerism”, and is guaranteed to infuriate you, as is “cool your jets” and “calm your farm”. My farm was certainly not calmed nor my jets cooled on the rare occasions my kids were unwise enough to use either expression when speaking to me! I taught them to “bite their tongues” and think before speaking, so their words didn’t come back to “bite them in the *ss! ” Happily they never did “bite off more than they could chew”, and I never had to follow through on my threats, whereby I would have been shown to be “all bark and no bite”…I also taught them that it is extremely wise to never bite the hand that feeds you…

“If you can’t bite, don’t show your teeth.”


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