Who cares?

Some people are messy and some people are extremely particular. I am the former and my husband the latter, which makes an interesting combination. I may be somewhat messy, but it is organised mess; I know where I have piled things! Who cares if the blanket isn’t neatly folded on the couch before we go to bed? Perhaps we will have a night time visitor – or not! My husband is very good at cleaning and whilst I’m not complaining about that, what I do mind is the grumbling if I clean things differently to the way he does. What makes his way the right way? Lucky I wasn’t particular about the husband I chose! Just kidding – he is my one and only and after nearly 34 years of married bliss I can forgive him his foibles as he can overlook my messiness. It’s all about communication and compromise. I love him to bits and couldn’t imagine my world without him, grumbling and all…

Lis 🦉

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