Gotta love kids…

It’s no secret that kids ask and say some of the funniest things. Sometimes the things they say have no meaning whatsoever. Sometimes they are brutally honest and sometimes they are just plain droll. My kids often had me in hysterics with their comments. A favourite was my two year old who would claim he “was a little bit fragile” after waking from his afternoon sleeps. Another favourite was “Why are they called waiters, when we are the ones waiting?” at a restaurant. And the all time classic: We were fighting over the remote and my son got it from me. I opened a tin of biscuits and as he took it I grabbed the remote back. Looking at me, he shook his head and said, “Man, I didn’t see that coming.”
I laughed so hard, tears poured down my face…

“My son asked me what it’s like to have kids, so I interrupted him every 11 seconds until he cried! ”


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