What goes around comes around…

There are millions of reasons to feel grateful and we need to acknowledge them all, whether big or small. Just as it is important to feel respected and connected socially, we should realise that feelings of gratitude can bind relationships together. When people appreciate the kindness they have received they usually feel compelled to reciprocate. I have always taught my boys to thank people for gifts given, favours done, or other kindnesses. It irks me greatly when I take the time and trouble to select the perfect gift ( whether it be for a wedding, new baby or birthday) and I receive absolutely no acknowledgement. It is extremely rude and belittles the effort I made. I remember making the boys send thank you notes for gifts given by classmates at their birthday parties, and was horrified to realise this was not a common occurrence. Often too, we would receive no response to invitations, and I would have to call in order to ascertain the number of attendees. I understand we are all busy but it is common courtesy; etiquette is not frivolous, and diplomacy is not just for diplomats. It’s about how to make our way in the world by being kind and thoughtful with others. Good manners are not just about please, thank you, which fork to use, and where to place your napkin.
The rule I always follow is treat others as I wish to be treated….
” Treat others as you wish to be treated. What goes around comes around. Karma’s only a bitch if you are…”


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