Take to the skies…

Some people hate flying but for the most part I enjoy it. It signifies holidays and new exciting chapters to be written in our travel diary. I love take off, the roar of the engines and that moment when you leave the earth behind and ascend into the vast open sky, your hand being crushed by your son, ( yes, he hates flying!) but I really hate the moments when the plane lurches and your stomach drops to the floor. This happens when the plane levels after takeoff, during turbulence or when starting a descent. To be honest I worry more about having to go to the toilet than turbulence on long flights, and have sat there with my bladder bursting for an interminable amount of time until finally I reach desperation point and have to go. Every time I return to my seat comfortably relieved, I swear next time I will go as soon as I feel the need, but you guessed it, I don’t!
Finally, my advice to people who don’t like flying is to remember good things come to those who book flights!

“Airplane travel is nature’s way of making you look like your passport photo.”
Al Gore


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