Think, believe, dare, dream…

One of the most important things in life is to believe in yourself and your capabilities. If you never challenge yourself you will never know exactly what you can achieve. We only get one shot at life and we owe it to ourselves to live it to the utmost of our capabilities. It is all too easy to get stuck in day to day living and become stagnant, you have to go out and chase opportunity because it is unlikely to come knocking on your door. Tracey and I challenged ourselves to write and publish our book, ‘Mum’s the Word’ and after much hard work our dream was achieved, a very proud moment for both us, and our families and friends.. Not content to rest on our laurels we are now busy looking for our next venture; life is too short to not have fun and who knows what awaits us…

“First, Think,
Second, Believe,
Third, Dream,
And finally, Dare…”
Walt Disney

Lis 🦉

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