The real deal…

Superficial people live in an artificial world; I prefer genuine people in the real world. I try not to judge people (but admit I have) and find out their real story before I make snap judgements. I hate nothing more than the sales person who tells you how good you look when you know it’s a lie. If that happens, I instantly leave the store. Give me someone with substance and honesty, that will not insult me, but will tell me what they think in a tactful manner. I have often been complimented when helping people select their glasses at work ( I work for an optometrist), for I enjoy making people look as good as they can, and let’s face it, glasses today are a fashion statement. It gives me great satisfaction to find the perfect pair, that both they and I are happy with.
Shallow people are there for the good times and disappear at the first sign of trouble. My friends are all the real deal; if I were in trouble or needed a shoulder to cry on, I know I could count on each and every one and I in turn will always be there for them…

“You can’t expect to have a deep relationship with a shallow person.”
Zoe Zantamata


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