Give and take…

I am a very open book. I just can’t be read unless someone shows an interest in the story. There is nothing worse than “me people”; those who have no interest in you or your life, wanting only to talk about themselves. In my eyes relationships are a two way street, give and take, not all about just one person. I have a very diverse collection of friends, and I am interested in each and every individual story. In turn, I know they are there for me and are interested in all aspects of my life. Life is too short to have self absorbed people take up my time; everyone deserves their moment in the sun.
“Allow others to talk about themselves instead of being obsessed about telling them or bragging about yourself and your possessions and achievements. Show a genuine interest in others and allow them to tell their story so you can share the conversation.”
Archibald Marwizi

Lis 🦉

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