Coincidences and connections….

Life can be very strange at times. Following the birth of my twins and death of my Mum,  I decided to pursue the identity of my birth mother. I would never have done it whilst my Mum was alive as it would have hurt her, ( in my eyes giving birth doesn’t make you a Mum, it’s the caring, loving and nurturing for), but for medical reasons, hereditary genes and so forth, ( my eldest twin has toes joined together like me), I decided to try and find out. This involved attending a counselling session prior to being given my my original sealed birth certificate. What a bizarre feeling it was to read about baby x, knowing it was in fact me, and to see the name Michelle which was the name my birth mother chose for me. It also listed her name and address at the time of my birth. Consequently, my husband and I drove there and as we were slowly driving up the road we both realised we had in fact been there before. In  a very bizarre coincidence, Tracey’s ( my best friend of nearly 50 years) husband had grown up on that very street, a few houses away! The four of us had visited his parents who still lived at the same address which was why we knew the street. Of all the streets in Melbourne this was the very one where my birth mother grew up and had been pregnant with me. One thing led to another and I made contact with her and stayed in touch until her recent death. It was strange to hear that she had a daughter the year following my birth, and named her….. Tracey! Many years later that Tracey got married on my exact birthday ( completely unaware of my existence!) She later found out about me and we remain in touch to this day, although we have never met. Life is certainly full of surprises and you never know what awaits you…

” Coincidences connect us across time, to one another, to ourselves, and to an invisible order in the universe.”
Arianna Huffington Thrive.
Lis 🦉

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