Stationary Fetish…

Does anyone else suffer from an insatiable fetish for stationary? I have certain shops that I should never enter, including wool and craft shops, book shops and Officeworks. I have a cupboard full of unused notebooks that I just couldn’t resist buying, loose leaf paper and pens of all kinds by the hundreds; gel pens, pencils, blue pens, black pens, multicolour pens, sharpie markers, you name it – I have it! I horde office supplies like a squirrel storing for winter. I do use notebooks when I write; when Tracey and I wrote our book, I wrote every chapter with paper and pen before typing it on my iPad. I find it strangely more satisfying scribbling out lines instead of back spacing words into oblivion. I really miss the “back to school” trips to Officeworks when the boys and I would indulge our fetish ( yes, I passed it on) and spend a fortune. Though I must say I don’t miss buying the contact paper and covering their books; it always resulted in bubbles that I couldn’t abide so I would have to do again. I was thrilled when they were old enough to do it themselves, but it was almost as painful watching them struggle. Consequently, I never attempt to put screen covers on my iPad or phone – I buy them at places where they put them on for you.
There is just something about unused notebooks; the clean sheets just begging to be filled with inspirational writing…
” Sometimes when it is going badly, she wonders if what she believes to be a love of the written word is really just a fetish for stationary.”
David Nicholls

Lis 🦉

4 thoughts on “Stationary Fetish…

  1. OMG !! Exactly! I’ve got journals everywhere waiting to be written on, and jars overflowing with pens. I’m also not allowed in wool and craft shops either – my boys say I can open my own store :o)
    Great post!

  2. OMG! Exactly! I’ve got journals waiting to be written on, and jars of overflowing pens. I’m also not allowed in wool and craft stores – my boys say that I can open my own store :o)

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