Pick your battles …

There is no such thing as perfect children; nor perfect parents for that matter. Learning to deal with your kids when they disobey is part and parcel of parenting. It is totally natural for kids to misbehave and not always obey your wishes, after all adults disobey rules too;  speeding, not stopping at a stop sign, not picking up their dog’s poo, jaywalking and so on… It is a kid’s job to drive you insane and believe me, at times they will! I often used to ask my boys if they had a discussion in the morning to decide which one was going to drive me crazy that day. The trick is learning to pick the battles that matter, and letting the little stuff go, and most importantly to follow through with threatened consequences. It is all too easy to take the peaceful option and give in to their demands, but all you are doing is reinforcing their bad behaviour and setting yourself up for years of misery. My kids learnt that when I said no, I meant no. I would send them to their room to “think about what they had done,” and not come out until they were ready to behave. This also allowed me to cool down. The best part came at the end of all arguments when we shared big kisses and cuddles and said sorry; and it wasn’t always them. Sometimes I would think about how I had behaved, realise I had been unreasonable and know I had apologise. Just because I’m the Mum doesn’t mean I’m always right… just 99% of the time!

“Heredity; the traits that a disobedient child gets from the other parent.”
Luther Burbank

Lis 🦉

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