Once a mum, always a mum…

IMG_8148.JPGMotherhood inextricably weaves growth and loss together with every milestone that is reached and passed. It is exhilarating to watch your children master accomplishments, beginning with dressing themselves to driving a car, but with each achievement also comes a sense of loss. Imagining our own future tends to get shelved as we concentrate on our children’s future, but eventually we must give up being the focal point of their lives, and learn to concentrate on our own. Our now independent children are a testament to all we have given as mothers and accomplished as parents. I will continue to parent my now adult children, and will do so forever, but with a very different approach, more like a wise ( hopefully), old friend.
Being a mother has defined me for 20 years, but as the empty nest time draws ever closer, I need to learn to re feather it and determine what I will do with the rest of my life. It will become about my marriage, my friends, and the hobbies and passions that I now have time for. I miss my little boys being totally dependent on me but I am incredibly proud of the children I have raised and look forward to hopefully enjoying their children in a grandma role one day.
That said I will continue to make Mum statements such as ” Drive carefully”, for the rest of my living days, because once a mum, always a mum…

” Happiness is when you realise that your kids have turned out to be good people.”

Lis 🦉

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