Sleep Fantasy…

Almost twenty years ago, two precious beings entered this world and changed my life forever. The instant I looked down at their tiny faces gazing up at me, I was lost, totally smitten and completely love struck. I really enjoyed looking after my babies, but I was not quite so enamoured with the loss of my beauty sleep. Uninterrupted sleep and a leisurely lie in bed became my ultimate fantasy and I treasured the weekends, when my husband and I took turns having a morning sleep in. This was not quite the same as my weekend lie ins today where I take a coffee back to bed, and either read or spend time on my iPad, but back then it was heaven. My “me” time was quite restricted as I breast fed both boys for 9 months, and motherhood is not a job where you can clock off, it’s 24/7, seven days a week. When writing our book “Mums the Word”, so many memories came flooding back and I began wishing my boys were little again. Then I remembered the sleep deprivation and quickly changed my mind.
These days my “babies’ have mastered sleeping in, and it’s a rare occasion that they are up before me!

Today’s specials are:
Lack of sleep,
Up too early, and
Low on patience…
Thank you. Come again.”

Lis πŸ¦‰

5 thoughts on “Sleep Fantasy…

    1. Hang in there.. you will! And then later menopause will attack!!! The joys of being a female πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ¦‰

  1. My baby son is nearly twenty an is still partially responsible for my sleep-deprivation. The rest of the blame is entirely menopause. Between son playing his computer games till 3am and night sweats, I can’t win! I did threaten to remove the wifi dongle if he kept me awake last night. I get the last laugh today – he’s on an early shift and had to be up at 6am!! Mwahahahaha!

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