Respond with no response…


How often I have used the line ” I’m not even going to dignify that with a response” upon hearing something negative, nasty, outrageous or just plain stupid. Ironically, in saying that I am making a response, but it communicates by implication that the question is either insulting or idiotic and conveys my contempt and belief that any fair minded individual would also feel the same way. It is a mature way of keeping your class and not lowering yourself to get even with someone who has none. Take the high road and let them have the gutter. Sometimes not saying anything is the best answer because silence can never be misquoted. Negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positive and you will take their breath away…

“Sometimes I don’t want to dignify things with answers. And it takes a huge amount of self-restraint, patience, control, and love for your own family to keep quiet. And dignity, and perhaps the status that I have in the eyes of the people.”
Shahrukh Khan.


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