Night Owl…

With three children, the odds are one of them is bound to keep you up at night. From the day she was born, Kathleen refused to go to sleep without a fight.  She suffered from indigestion when breastfeeding, struggling to burp afterward, which left her extremely discontented. Every time we lay her in the bassinet to sleep, the howling would begin and continue until we picked her up. Once upright again, she would immediately settle. We tried everything from rocking her in a swinging pouch to the controlled crying technique; all to no avail. It seemed she needed very little sleep. (If only that was the case for us!)

18 months later, along came Millie, who had no problems sleeping, followed by Louise who I am glad followed in Millie’s footsteps, not Kathleen’s! Kathleen was a night owl from toddler to teenager, and even today (at 21) stays up very late.

On our family trip to the UK, we arrived at our hotel completely shattered from jet lag and crashed into bed. Kathleen (then 12) rose in the middle of the night; left the room, entered the lift, and descended to the lobby! Luckily, the security man, on duty at the reception desk, quickly realised she was in a trance and in fact sleepwalking when she failed to respond to his questions. Gradually she came around and managed to tell him her name, enabling him to look up our room number and ring us. Unfortunately we were all dead to the world and failed to answer. The kind man then brought her up to the room and banged loudly until we finally answered. Imagine our shock when we opened the door to see Kathleen standing there! We were horrified to hear she had been sleepwalking and from that day forward blocked the door with a chair, hoping the commotion would wake us if she did it again.

I guess, like everything, there are exceptions to the rule and some kids just don’t need their full eight hours. I know Kathleen certainly didn’t!

I don’t like morning people…Or mornings…Or people

Taken from our book ‘Mum’s the Word‘ by Lis Norman & Tracey Samios. Available on Amazon, Ibooks, Book Depository, Barnes & Noble & Booktopia.

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