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There are times when you might yearn for a solitary life, away from the violence that is encompassing our world . We turn on technology, and hatred, killing, judgements and evil flood into our homes, just by watching the news. My heart breaks for all those who are affected by senseless acts. If we hide away alone, we would only have to deal with ourselves but if we all stand together we might just turn this world around. Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much. Standing alone is an act of confidence but standing together is an act of unity. Terrorism is something that can be stopped. When a terrible act occurs, it is important that the act does not go unpunished. If the terrorist believe that they can successfully attack us and escape without harm, they will become more bold and dangerous.


It can be done as long as everyone comes together and does their part to ensure every country’s safety. The aftermath of a terrorist attack can make people feel more vulnerable. And as cities go on alert because of the threat of future attacks, fear can color our daily routines and world views.The paradox of the fear that terrorism inspires is that while it can negatively affect people and societies, it can also serve to strengthen resilience.
We must not give in to fear. Believe in the good of the majority of mankind.
“World peace can be achieved, when in each person the power of love replaces the love of power.”
Sri Chinmoy


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