The Master Packers …

Everyone has their own particular talents and even within a family they can be very different. When it comes to packing the car for a trip away, our family is divided into two categories. On one hand you have me and one of the boys, who throw things in willy-nilly and then try and close the boot. ( yes we are one of those that sit on a bulging suitcase in an attempt to try and close the zip!) Then you have my husband and other son, the “master packers”. They plot and they plan and inevitably take things out and rearrange, but at the end of the day everything fits in beautifully, every small crevice and cranny holding its own particular item, all items slotted together like pieces of an intricate puzzle.

I figure it’s a mathematical thing and Team Mum is all about creativity, flair and writing, whilst Team Dad has the analytical minds. Invariably one son and I just take our things out to the car and let them work their magic, saving our talents for another day. Theirs is a particular handy skill set to have when you are moving house and packing the removalist van. My husband is known for his packing ability and  is often asked to help on moving day, everyone marvelling at how much stuff goes in when it’s properly arranged. Me, I quite happily watch on, cup of coffee in hand, saying ” that’s my man!”
“One of my greatest talents is recognising talent in others and giving them the forum to shine.”
Tory Burch


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