Battle Scars…

Life is full of pain, both emotional and physical, with sometimes the smallest things leaving scars. Someone’s carelessly uttered words can remain with you forever, a scar on your heart. Or you can have physical scars remain after physical pain. I have a scar on my left arm as a result of me pulling on the hanging down cord of the kettle when I was a toddler. Fortunately,my Dad who was looking after me, ( Mum was sick in bed) grabbed me, the boiling water splashing my arm and not my whole body. I have the physical evidence with my scar, but no recollection of the event whilst Dad was left emotionally scarred, that day permanently etched in his memory. That was a major accident, but I also have a faded scar on my left hand from forty years ago when I had a slight encounter with a prickle from a rose bush. I was running late for school and running around the corner I accidentally dragged my hand across the rose bush and its hostile thorns. It was incredibly painful but there was not much blood, just a deep scratch that left a line on my hand that refused to fade… Sometimes the most innocuous things cause intense pain; knocking your elbow or knee against the corner of a table, burning your mouth on a hot drink, stepping on a sharp rock or prickle, paper cuts, stubbing your toe, biting your tongue or getting hit in your private parts. These events all take your breath away and deliver searing agony but leave no battle scars for you to share with the world. If there’s nothing to see, nobody really cares or wants to hear how much pain you are in but show them a scar and they love to hear how it came about…

“Our dangers and delights are near allies, from the same stem the rose and prickle rise. ”

Lis πŸ¦‰

6 thoughts on “Battle Scars…

  1. I would rather have the physical hurts than the emotional ones. I am a victim of domestic violence and having trouble letting go of my abuser. The physical scars have faded…. I’m still waiting for the emotional to go away

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure they will stay with you a long time but may they make you stronger … sending you big hugs and congratulations on getting away. May you find true happiness soon xxx

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