Blinded by the light…


Whether its a bright light or a fault, something glaring is obvious to everyone. Sometimes it can be glaring light that’s in your eyes, such as the blinding rays of the sun. There is nothing worse than driving straight towards a setting sun, except perhaps night driving on country roads when you are blinded by the oncoming glare of bright headlights. Other times, it could be a glaring fault. For example a word that is misspelled. You can’t avoid looking at things that are glaring, but you certainly wish you could. The other night while watching television I was appalled to see the following headline repeatedly scroll across the bottom of the screen on a sports news channel;
” NRL challangers ….”
Do they not employ proof readers? If they do, then I’m sure there is a newly unemployed person in the world today. There would have been much consternation, hostility, accusations and glaring from those in charge when the mistake was eventually realised…
If ever I make a mistake in my knitting, beading or other craft activities, my husband and kids can tell me it is hardly noticeable, but once I have seen it there is no going back. There is nothing for it but to fix it; otherwise every time I look at said object, my eyes are instantly drawn to the mistake and all pleasure and satisfaction I had at creating something is lost.
Now I best turn out the light, for it is late and my husband is glaring at me for still having the light on!
” There are two kinds of light – the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures.”
James Thurber


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