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The question of whether children should wear a uniform to school always makes for an interesting debate, with arguments both for and against.
A shirt, tie and blazer may not be the favourite outfit to wear, but wearing a uniform is a badge of pride that creates an identity for a school and in my opinion is an important part of being a school student.

The people against the idea of wearing a uniform claim that it suppresses a child’s individuality and ability to express themselves, however I believe that students experience less pressure in deciding what to wear. When you wear a uniform you cannot rely on your clothing to express what type of person you are, instead you must show your personality through your actions and words. It take less time in the morning to get ready and the uniform creates a level playing field, reducing bullying and peer pressure for not wearing the “right clothes”.
A uniform generally enhances school pride, unity and community spirit and allows students to focus on their education, not their clothes.
A uniform is a good way to incorporate the values and culture of working life to prepare the students for the world of employment, whatever their future job’s dress code may be. Also, it may not be an obvious advantage, but charities can benefit greatly with a fun “casual clothes” day where students pay a gold coin to wear their own clothes.
Clothes make the the man, so does a uniform make a student. The uniform is an important part of a child’s memories of his days at school, where they were part of one big community, all wearing the same clothes. It gives a sense of belongingness and imposes a code of conduct on the student.
Long live the uniform!

“When you put on a uniform, there are certain inhibitions that you accept.”
Dwight D Eisenhower


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