Dance to the tune of life…

We are all music in the symphony of life. The world in which we live is an orchestra in which each of us plays a different part, but when put together we make a whole. Sometimes the tune we play is sad and melodic, and other times loud and discordant. It can begin in a peaceful and harmonious manner but climax in a cacaphony. We each compose our melody and choose the notes and the path it takes. Do your best to make yours a tune of happiness to which you can dance with wild abandon and let your heart be the conductor of your symphony.

André Rieu & his Johann Strauss Orchestra playing “The Beautiful Blue Danube” (An der schönen blauen Donau) by composer Johann Strauss II. Recorded live at Empress Sisi’s castle; Schönbrunn Palace Vienna, Austria with dancers from the famous Austrian Elmayer Dancing School.

“If words are the lyrics, and laughter the melody, then a relationship becomes a symphony.”
Nicholas Sparks

Lis 🦉

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