Family Memories…

At the heart of every family tradition is a meaningful experience. Throughout my boys’ childhood we had many annual activities which our family all loved. Most of these were based on traditional celebrations like Christmas, Easter and birthdays. The Easter egg hunt was a must and even continues today ( at age 19!)I have so many treasured memories of these hunts, particularly the year Tracey and her family joined us at our beach house for Easter and the five kids were having a wonderful time searching for eggs. Kids were running everywhere, screaming with delight each time they found an egg, then putting it in a large basket ready to be divided equally between all at the finish. We parents watched on and then one of us had the bright idea of taking an egg from the “found” pile and hiding it again when the kids weren’t looking! This went on for quite some time before the kids realised the total of eggs in the basket didn’t seem to be increasing. We were in hysterics and the memory of that hunt will last forever.
Christmas time is steeped in traditions, from the family lunch with Gramps and others, to watching the Carols on T.V on Christmas Eve. ( I especially love this because 35 years ago, my husband very romantically proposed to me at the Carols by Candlelight.) (pic below is of Carols by Candleight in Melbourne at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl)

Another must is the watching of Elf. We all love this movie and I will always treasure the memory of my boys’ faces watching the sleigh take off the first time we saw it at the movies. The rapture on their faces captured the magic of Christmas and made me cry. I will never forget that special moment.

They are a small sample of our annual family activities and I treasure each and every one. Long live tradition!
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