“Let’s party!”

It seems like only yesterday that I was out partying on weekends, staying up late, drinking, having fun and sleeping in late to avoid any ill effects. These days, if I’m out past midnight, I find myself wishing the coach WOULD turn into a pumpkin meaning I have to go home. I still enjoy socialising and drinking wine but nowadays the next morning finds me feeling very “seedy” and incapable of much activity for the rest of the day; hangovers are nature’s way of grounding you as an adult. At a recent 21st celebration, I realised that somehow we had morphed into the “oldies” drinking coffee and tea in the corner, whilst the young ones were still slugging back shots. Whilst I drank tequila shots at my god daughter’s 21st, ( after all, a girl has to try everything) I was happy to stop, realising I am too old for that caper! I still know how to have fun but I’ve adopted a new word as my mantra – comfort! Flat shoes and warm clothes are now the order of the day; no more high heels and hangovers for me. This girl will still party, but in a modified middle aged manner, meaning I won’t have a hangover, but may possibly suffer wine flu instead!

“I don’t mind getting old….. I just took my Bucket List and changed the “B” to an “F”

Lis 🦉

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