When a dog bites…

Sometimes it is circumstances that create savage behaviour completely foreign to our normal selves. This can occur in both humans and animals alike, particularly when we are feeling threatened.
Many years ago ( pre children) I was inside when I heard a screech of tyres followed by yelping. Instantly I raced outside and found a distraught man crouched over a dog on the grass in front of our property. Quickly he explained that he was looking after the dog for a friend who was on holidays, and whilst walking the dog had seen a cat and bolted, yanking the lead from the guy’s hand. Unfortunately at that very moment a car had hurtled around the corner, hit the dog and sped off. I love dogs and wanted to help, so reached out my hand to assess the injury. Instantly the dog bit my hand and also the hand of his surrrogate owner. Luckily for us it wasn’t a savage bite, more a warning to keep back. He was a beautiful German Shepherd, and if he’d really meant business would have taken off our hands. I looked into those big chocolate brown eyes and saw fear, confusion and hurt, and immediately forgot about my hand. Gradually we calmed him, and then with the help of a blanket from my house, hoisted him into the back of my car.
Today it would not have been a problem, Siri would have told us where the nearest vet was, and google maps would have directed us there. Back then I was relying on memory, and as our vet was not an option ( we were still going to one that was close to our previous house) it was not an easy task. I remember driving down the road, a complete stranger and a hurt dog in my back seat, thinking this guy could be a mass murderer, for all I know. Luckily for me he wasn’t, and after eventually finding a vet, I drove him home, leaving the dog behind for an overnight stay. I am happy to say it was a happy ending; my new found dog lover friend was on my doorstep the next day with flowers, chocolates and a thank you card. Most importantly, the dog was going to be fine and our hands were both going to heal ( he had to have a tetanus shot, but mine was still valid).
Unfortunately after being bitten by the dog, I now feel trepidation with new dogs that I meet, a feeling previously foreign to me. However, gradually over time my fear has lessened, and in reality, a little caution is not a bad thing. I certainly don’t blame the dog, we all sometimes “bite the hand that feeds us”, and if ever I am faced with the same situation again I know I would not hesitate to help.

Lis πŸ¦‰

“People who bite the hand that feeds them usually lick the boot that kicks them.”
Eric Hoffer

5 thoughts on “When a dog bites…

  1. Oh, that’s tough. That was so nice of you to help the poor dog. And that you were all well after! I can understand your fear when meeting new dogs – I would feel the same way, I bet!

  2. I’m so glad it was a happy ending! My dog bolted after a baby bunny last night and right in front of a car too. I was terrified. Fortunately the driver was in a school zone and was also very mindful and understanding. She responded immediately and didn’t hit my pup. Thank you for your kindness and compassion towards your neighbour’s dog. There’s goodness in the world…a lot more than we are led to believe <3

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