Game, Set, Match…

It’s that time of year again when any Australian who loves watching Wimbledon will be walking around bleary eyed. It’s extremely hard being an ardent sports enthusiast down under, as Timezone differences are too far apart from other countries. Wimbledon matches are played late at night or on the early hours of morning Australian time and whilst you can watch replays the next day, it’s not the same when you know the result. In years gone by I often stayed up extremely late watching one of my favourites, Lleyton Hewitt. I loved watching him play because he always gave 110% which is more than can be said of our current top ranked player, Kyrgios. I really want to support him but find it extremely difficult with his attitude and antics on court. He has the talent to take him right to the top, but until he learns to control his temper it won’t happen.
My favourite woman player is Daria Gavrilova, an Australian player of Russian descent, who is also known as “Dasha” or as Todd Woodbridge calls her – “Dash“. She is a 5ft 5 1/2 inches twenty three year old loveable “pocket rocket” who wears her heart on her sleeve and like Lleyton always gives her all. I love watching her play, her pony tail bobbing as she bounces around the court, waving her arms and inciting the crowd to get behind her. She plays Petra Martic tonight and I will be on my couch, snuggled under the blanket, urging her on. I hope it is on early and is a relatively short affair as I have work tomorrow!
Even when all Aussies have exited the tournament I will be watching, cheering on Nadal and Federer … perhaps I will even treat myself to some strawberries and cream while I watch!

“To err is human. To put the blame on someone else is doubles.”

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  1. I agree with you! I used to watch and support Lleyton and now support Daria. It’s also Tour de France time so we are spoilt fir choice!!

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