Politically Incorrect…

Instantly when I saw the daily word prompt I was transported back to my childhood and the Secret Seven series of books written by Enid Blyton. I devoured all of her books and especially loved The Secret Seven, The Famous Five and Five Find Outers and a Dog, all of which featured dogs; Scamper, Timmy and Buster. I find it incredible that I can remember these names from 40 years ago, and yet I struggle to remember what book I read last month for bookclub!


Another favourite series was The Faraway Tree, where three young children move to the country and discover an enchanted wood , including an extra special tree. Many magical folk live in this wondrous tree, and different lands come to visit at the top of the tree.

I passed my love of these books on to my kids when they were little but was later horrified to find that the children’s names had been changed in later print editions. Jo became Joe, Bessie was renamed Beth, Fanny became Frannie and cousin Dick was renamed Rick. It seems that an overly politically correct publisher deemed that the names Dick and Fanny (giggle, giggle) were far too rude for small kids.


Then Noddy and Big Ears were banned for being gay, and Golliwog banished for beingfar too racist! Really? What sort of mprecious world do we live in? I survived reading all of these tales and like to think I am a fairly well balanced human…

“The world is a magical place full of people waiting to be offended by something.”


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