Snack attack…

There are days when I can go without eating much and then there are days when I eat first breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper and snacks in between. One of my favourite snacks is tamari almonds; the problem being they are very “morish” so a quick snack turns into a meal!

When we are on holidays our eating regime goes out the window. Sometimes we have a late breakfast and skip lunch, and other times, like just yesterday, we have a large, late lunch and skip dinner. Instead, we ate snacks and then went on the night walk where we were lucky enough to see a dingo on the beach (the ranger hadn’t seen one for a month!) and a plethora of spiders. Times like that when I see just how many deadly creatures inhabit our wonderful country, I wonder why I live here, but then I see the beach and glorious sunsets and I know exactly why.

My other favourite snack is chocolate; of all kinds! In Australia we have a chocolate bar called Snack, a six piece bar of milk chocolate filled with six different flavours: strawberry, pineapple, coconut ice, caramel, orange and Turkish Delight. It is totally delicious and often I get a bonus as I am one of few who like Turkish delight – its popularity akin to the McDonalds pickle!

Our German friend claims that she can eat 24/7 and I guess if you eat three meals a day and have multiple snacks in-between,  you could…

“If we’re not meant to have midnight snacks then why is there a light in the fridge? ”

Lis 🦉

3 thoughts on “Snack attack…

  1. I am just the same, I listen to my body so some days I eat breakfast one, two and three 😊 almonds are supposed to be very good for you although my favourite nuts are cashew nuts.

    Apart from the spiders yuk 😬 it’s sounds like your having a great time, enjoy 😊

  2. Having just come back from a family holiday in a pretty little cottage by the sea, I can identify with normal eating patterns going out of the window. After a day of playing around with boogie boards, we can work our way through a days worth of food in one evening!
    I particularly love your description of hungry days. Reminds me of Hobbit eating habits.

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