Play – the work of childhood…

When my boys were growing up they had a wonderful collection of play things, and especially loved toys that they could construct with. They began with blocks and progressed to lego and magnetix, consisting of plastic pieces containing embedded magnets and steel bearing balls, with which they would create spectacular masterpieces, only to pull apart and create anew. Building toys have significant benefits for children of all ages and help develop a wide variety of skills and abilities. You could say they are the “building blocks to success! They encourage children to use their minds instead of relying on technology, focusing on hands-on interactive fun that requires thinking skills. Kids need to have things that let them use their imagination, rather than always following set rules. I spent many happy hours constructing things on the floor with my boys, probably why I have problems with my knees and back now!

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.”
Diane Ackerman

Lis 🙂

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