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When you visit Crown Casino it’s as if you are entering another world. Flashing lights and dinging bells are a lure for you to come and experience the excitement.  Outside it could be pitch black or mid afternoon with a blazing sun, but inside everything is constant no matter the time; room temperature, the music, the lighting and even the air pressure . There are no clocks to be seen but mirrors reflect everywhere; all cleverly designed to make you oblivious to the outside world and the passing of time.
Five months ago, after a fairly intensive interview process, my son was notified that he had been a successful applicant and a short time later began a full time five week training course to qualify as a blackjack dealer.
The job is ideal for combining with his university life, where he is undertaking a five year degree in commerce and law. From a young age he loved playing with cards and poker chips, but was never interested in parting with his money to partake in gambling, so it really is his dream part time job.
He loves his work and comes home with some very entertaining stories about the people he encounters from all walks of life. It has been a big family adjustment with odd shift hours meaning often he arrives home at 5 in the morning, but we are extremely happy that he has found a job he really enjoys and which pays well.

Apart from all the variations of blackjack, he spends some time at pontoon tables, the big wheel, and dealing casino war and shortly will be trained in his second main game. I hope he continues to enjoy his career as a dealer.

“Gambling. The sure way of getting nothing for something.”
Wilson Mezner

Lis 🦉

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