Everyone has moments when they wish they could turn back time and relive the previous few minutes, changing the outcome. My son had one such “cringe moment” yesterday when he slid his phone from the table and it somehow slipped from his grasp and landed face down on the unforgiving tiles. The screen didn’t just crack, it splintered, and needless to say my son was equally shattered. Life is full of these moments and I really felt for him. His father’s reaction was typical Dad, “he should be more careful”, but in my son’s defence, it is the first phone or iPad he has ever damaged in years. I, the complete opposite of his Dad, immediately started exploring options to replace the phone when we returned from holiday, because that’s what Mum does. My boys have a problem, I try to help. I’m sure now he will be even more careful when he eventually gets a new one; he has previously dropped it on several occasions incurring not even a scratch – it was as if the drops all added together for this one major shattering!
Fortunately the lady at reception had some sticky tape so it will get through the holiday (it still works) and at the end of the day it is a replaceable possession. Pollyanna would say (playing the “glad game”) be thankful it wasn’t one of us that got hurt; it is but an inconvenience- life will go on…just not on his phone! There has been the inevitable humour, him telling his brother his phone had been killed and his brother quickly interjecting that it wasn’t killed, it was murdered!

“That embarrassing moment when you realise that person wasn’t waving at you” 🙁


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