My crazy German friend…


Currently my favourite piece of paper is the plane ticket that sits on our kitchen bench. It will be used this Sunday, when we leave the cold and head north, to the hopefully sunny Queensland for eight days. It will be a special holiday because this time the boys are coming with us ( uni and work schedules make family holidays hard to organise) and we are meeting my girlfriend who is flying in from Germany. ( Our readers will remember her from Magical Tuesday post) .
Most of my friend are about the same age as me, and at a similar life stage, but Annick is about 20 years younger and lives a very different life, yet still we are close. I live for my family and work part time; she is single, and works long, long hours; we live in different countries but ultimately we love spending time together.


She first met my boys when they were 12 and over time grew very fond of them ( and she likes my hubby) .The boys in turn love her, and as an added bonus my husband likes her too. We are three different generations that enjoy being together and in the past have shared some special times. I am looking forward to creating many more happy memories on this trip. We may live on opposite sides of the world, but when we meet up it’s as if we have never been apart.

My words of advice are two things: always leave yourself open to new friends and reach out to friends of all ages. Friendship is all about trusting each other, helping each other, loving each other and being crazy together.
We certainly have that covered!

“True friendship isn’t about being inseparable, it’s being separated and nothing changes.”

Lis 🦉

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