Bottled thoughts…

“A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.” Louis Pasteur.
Some words leave you scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas on a post to write, whilst others such as bottle give you a myriad of ideas. Initially I was thinking of breast vs bottle when it came to feeding your baby.

There are so many people that will tell you breast is best, and yes I breastfed my twins for eight months, ( I was a walking milk bar) but sometimes it just doesn’t work and I don’t think Mums should be made to feel inferior, or that they are failing if they bottle feed. New mums have enough worry on their plate and the one bit of advice that I will always give is to do what works for you and your baby. If you are happy then generally your baby will be happy too; worry and stress will often lead to a discontented baby as they are very much in tune with mum’s moods .

Then I remembered when there was an influx of bluebottle jellyfish washed up on the beach where our holiday house is, looking like hundreds of tiny blobs of blue bubblegum on the sand. These seemingly harmless looking things can deliver a painful sting to bare skin, even when washed up dead. Consequently it is advisable to stay well away and not go swimming; if they are on the sand it is likely there will be some in the water.
Talking about our beach led to me thinking about sea creatures, of which we see many, including seals and whales, but the most common being the bottlenose dolphin. These animals are not only beautiful, they are also incredibly intelligent.

In New Zealand in 2004, four lifeguards were swimming together when a shark approached them. Incredibly a pod of bottlenose dolphins herded the swimmers together and surrounded them for 40 mins while they swam slowly to shore, preventing the shark from attacking.


Then I thought of the bottlebrush, a tree that is found growing in Australia’s tropical North right down to the temperate south. The name comes from the plant’s flowers which look like brushes used for cleaning bottles. The flowers attract native birds, especially honey eaters, and come in a variety of colours, the most common being a bold red. They are a spectacular addition to many Australian gardens.
Lastly I was considering writing about the importance of not suppressing your feelings. The key to the success of any relationship is communication, and a good thing to remember is a problem shared is a problem halved. I have been married for a long time and my husband and I quickly learnt that if something is annoying or bothering you, it’s best to get it off your chest and deal with it. If you bottle your feelings, they will fester and become like a cancerous sore that eats away at your love. The proof of the pudding – thirty three years later we are still happily married and fully intend staying that way!
I think it’s high time now for me to put a cork in this mixed up bottle of random thoughts…

“Love is like wine. To sip is fine but to empty the bottle is a headache. ”
Julio Iglesias

Lis 🦉

4 thoughts on “Bottled thoughts…

  1. Interesting post! Jellyfish are such odd looking creatures aren’t they? I love the bottlebrush tree! It’s beautiful! I’ve never heard of them before.

  2. Interesting post. I remember the sleepless nights of breastfeeding and pumping to have bottles of breast milk ready for my babies when we went out. I loved breastfeeding them but believe me, it was stressful.

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