Edelweiss and the Sound of Music…

(Lis and her husband Stuart, with the amazing Salzburg in the background)

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow,
Bloom and grow forever.
Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Bless my homeland forever.”
⁃ Lyrics from Edelweiss, Sound of Music. Bob Carlisle.
Today’s prompt word took me on another trip down memory lane, this time to the breathtakingly pretty city of Salzburg. My husband and I visited Salzburg about 25 years ago in the Summer months and remembered it as being wonderful, but were not prepared for the wondrous change it undertook when covered in snow. We visited there with our boys 18 months ago and met up with my husband’s cousin and wife who had flown over from the UK. We spent a magical 3 days with them, discovering the highlights of Salzburg, of which there are many. We spent one day exploring Salzburg’s old town (Altstadt), toured the Salt mines (with exhilarating rides down slides, the means of accessing the different levels) and went on a Sound of Music bus tour, visiting the different settings where filming had taken place. (see photo of the house below)

(The Von Trapp Home in the Sound of Music)

My husband’s cousin and I really enjoyed it and the others had a great time making fun of us. It’s impossible not to sing along with the music and I always find myself watching  when it is on TV.


(Lis with her twin boys, Callan on the left & Daniel on the right, in front of the Sound of Music Tour Bus)

Edelweiss is one of my favourite songs and is a wonderful portrayal of pride in ones homeland, much as Waltzing Matilda is to us Aussies! Salzburg was wonderful in Summer but was exhilaratingly magical when covered in snow.

(overlooking the old city of Salzburg, Altstadt)

“The snow is sparkling like a million little suns.”
Lama Willa Miller

Lis 🦉

3 thoughts on “Edelweiss and the Sound of Music…

  1. The photos are absolutely breathtaking! I absolutely love the song Edelweiss. I cherish the music box I bought as a teen travelling in Austria that plays it. I vividly remember running through the hills of Austria as a teen with my friends signing the songs of the Sound of Music. This post brought back many fabulous memories.

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